About Us

My name is Rachel. I'm a sandwich affectionado, mom, cat lady, and the owner and founder of Office Odds & Ends.

I've been obsessed with office supplies for as long as I can remember. My mother, a bookkeeper, would often take me in to the office to do weekend overtime where I'd spend all day stapling, photocopying, hole punching, and putting sticky notes on everything. I honestly can't recall a moment where I was bored going to the office on weekends!

As a pre-teen I got quite obsessed with my Mead 5-Star Student ring planner and would spend a lot of time looking for the perfect inserts to go inside (yes, this was in the 90s and there were no Etsy sellers with beautiful digital inserts for sale, so it wasn't easy to find good ones in the brick and mortar shops).

It was pretty clear once I started dabbling in sticky note flags and organizing every unit and sub unit of my homework with millions of colorful tabs that the addiction was here to stay. I can't even describe the wonderful feeling that came over me when I first stepped foot in my amazing college bookstore. If you're a stationery addict too, you get it!

I've always struggled with rather severe depression and anxiety, but I've managed to find some peace in the last several years of my life by finally beginning to take small steps to take care of myself. Becoming mindful of the never-ending beauty outdoors is one of the first coping strategies I tried that helped to start me on my path towards peace and calm after so many years of pain and mental chaos. I still struggle, but the more I practice mindfulness, the more inner insight I gain and the easier it is for me to whether the storms. I no longer live in survival mode at all times.

It's almost impossible to work towards anything meaningful when you're just trying to get through each day with basically no hope. Now that I've managed to move beyond that state, I want to contribute more to society and connect with people who share my love of stationery and nature. I want to help others gain a sense of peace and calm while enjoying time spent at their desks studying, working, journaling, and/or creating art.

I plan to provide high-quality notebooks, journals, planners, decor, desk accessories, and whatever other odds and ends I find that I think could bring the peacefulness of nature to your workspace. Come along with me on this journey and help curate my shop! Unlike the big box stores, I want there to be an open line of communication between you and I so that I can really get to know you and meet your needs the absolute best I can.

I hope you like our selection so far, and I can't wait to get to know you better! If you're signed up for our email list, don't be afraid to hit reply on any of the correspondence you receive from us. I personally see and respond to all replies. I'm eager to hear from you!